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Coneloc Nuts

Coneloc NutThe Coneloc nut is an all-metal prevailing torque type self-locking nut. The locking action is achieved by localised precision deformation of the thread in the cone section on top of the nut. When the nut is tightened onto the bolt, the thread is gripped on the flanks providing the locking action. The prevailing torque is the torque needed to run the nut down a thread prior to joint clamping occurring.

Coneloc nuts are available, as standard, in property class 8 and 10 (to the ISO 898-2 standard). These nuts are compatible with bolts of property class 8.8 and 10.9 respectively. Nuts of a higher property class can also be used with lower strength bolts. Beware, unlike Coneloc, many other prevailing torque nuts are of lower strength and should only be used with low strength bolts.

Coneloc Flange Nut

We sell, as standard, nuts that are electro-zinc plated, other coatings are available upon request.

Coneloc Flange Nuts are also available. The advantage of using a flange nut compared to using a standard hex nut is that the flange reduces the bearing stress on the joint. This is of importance when using high strength fasteners on relatively soft joint materials, such as aluminium.

The nuts meet the performance requirements of the BS EN ISO 2320 standard (Prevailing torque type steel hexagon nuts - mechanical and performance requirements.) This standard specifies the prevailing torque requirements that the nut should possess. These requirements specify that the nut should be capable of being re-used five times but still retain a prevailing torque. To achieve the full locking action of the nut, it is recommended that at least two bolt threads should protrude through the top of the nut.

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The dimensions of the Coneloc nut are shown in the table below:

Coneloc nut dimensional table

The dimensions of the Coneloc flange nut are shown in the table below:

The photograph below shows a typical application for a Coneloc nut. The stump grinder removes tree stumps by milling them away. The fasteners securing the cutting teeth to the rotating disk are subjected to extreme vibration and keeping them in place can be problematical. Problem solved when the Coneloc nut is used.

Coneloc nuts used in a stump grinder application
Coneloc Nut Brochure

Coneloc Nut Brochure

Coneloc is a registered trademark of Nuts Bolts Limited.